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St Botanica rosemary essential oil review

Hey everyone!

I know it's been long since I posted anything but we were on a 10 days vacation and once we came back my daughter was sick with something or other and it went on like that till October and I would admit since then I was lazy to post. I have lots of products that i have reviewed meanwhile and I would be foraying posts here.

Today I would be reviewing rosemary essential oil by St Botanica. I have been having severe hairfall since the start of the year and I have tried gazillion things to control it. One of the major steps I took towards my hair care was going completely organic and massaging twice a week with virgin coconut oil infused with rosemary essential oil. I ordered St Botanica rosemary essential oil and every time I oil my hair with virgin coconut oil I use 4-5 drops of this oil.

Rosemary essential oil is said to have great effect on hair loss.My personal experience was it did nothing regarding my hair fall but then it has a very soothing and calming effect a…