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The Face Shop - Green Tea The Vert face mask review


Since I turned 30 recently I have become very cautious about skincare. Work pressure and child care really took a toll on me last year. I saw these Face Shop masks in a lot of you tube videos and always wanted to try them but never had the time, until recently. There was an offer going on myntra Buy 5 get 5 free on these masks and I couldn't resist ordering these for myself. In this post I am going to review the "Green Tea" facemask.

Here's a look of how the package looked like:

Before using the face sheet you need to wash you face.When you open it there's a sheet mask which you apply on your face and has cutouts for your eyes and lips. It has a lot of liquid in it and it would be good to use it all by pouring it on the sheet after applying it on your face.

I kept it for 20 minutes as advised on the package and then removed it. I did not wash my face after using it though it felt a bit sticky ,instead I massaged all the leftover. I was a bit worried it mig…