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DIY- Fenugreek seeds- Hair and skin my experiments - Hairfall control?Yay or Nay>

Hi All,

As warned earlier a lot of posts will be coming up regarding hair care and my misadventures with household items and DIY's. So, here comes the first one.

I read a lot of good stuff about fenugreek doing wonders on hair so I thought to give it a shot.I took a bowl of fenugreek seeds and let it soak overnight. To my surprise in the morning it had expanded to about 4 times and I was in impression it will be hardly twice as much after soaking, so please take care of quantity while soaking. A handful(2-3 spoons) should be good for first time usage.

I took the seeds in a mixer jar and tried to blend them ,I added milk as I thought it might add more benefit to my hair and as much as you keep blending the fenugreek will keep demanding more milk. So you would need atleast 3 times as much milk to blend it. Still I was not able to achieve it in a complete paste ,it was a bit grainy.

Once blended I applied it to my hair and left it for half an hour after which I shampooed and washed my hair. So the results on my hair were:

1) It did nothing to my hair
2) After it dries up, it is quite difficult to remove from your hair
3) The hair felt a bit shiny after drying up
4) No change in hairfall

I was still left with a lot of fenugreek paste as I messed up with the quantity soaked :)
So I added honey to that and applied it as a face mask on my face. I left it for about 20 minutes and then washed my face with a facewash. Currently I am using Cetaphil cleanser as a face wash.

The results on my skin were:

1) To my surprise it made my skin brighter and cleaner
2) There was significant reduction in the blackspots I got after childbirth.

 So I used this mask for about a week as I was left with a lot! be wary of the quantity when you soak as it expands a lot! I know I am repeating myself but just don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did.

My final verdict was:

1) For hair fenugreek wasn't a magic potion I was looking for my hair
2)For skin it definitely works like a charm.

I have planned more experiments with fenugreek for face and would be posting my experiences after few usages.

PS: These are my own views regarding the DIY I tried


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