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Miniso - Cleansing nose pore strips - review

Hey darlings!

I am back from the vacation and badly tanned. But before going to the vacation I went to parlor for waxing and the lady pointed out which has been bussing me already,my pesky blackheads on nose. I have tried a lot of things,like jeju volcanic nose trips and removing it by the tool during facial in parlor,scrubbing etc etc. But they didn't seem to budge and looked quite ugly given the huge nose I have.

So after we came back the next day morning we had to visit the mall(another long story I won't want to bore you with)!And I saw miniso and started scouring the shop,everything was so cheap there! I saw these nose strips in a pack of 10 which costed only 200 Rs which was quite a steal. I wasn't sure they be that effective but thought to give it a try. Few pictures down below of the pack.

The application instructions are written very clearly on the pack and on all the strips inside.But just a tip,before applying the strip wet your nose really well,and I mean it reall…

DIY- Fenugreek seeds- Hair and skin my experiments - Hairfall control?Yay or Nay>

Hi All,

As warned earlier a lot of posts will be coming up regarding hair care and my misadventures with household items and DIY's. So, here comes the first one.

I read a lot of good stuff about fenugreek doing wonders on hair so I thought to give it a shot.I took a bowl of fenugreek seeds and let it soak overnight. To my surprise in the morning it had expanded to about 4 times and I was in impression it will be hardly twice as much after soaking, so please take care of quantity while soaking. A handful(2-3 spoons) should be good for first time usage.

I took the seeds in a mixer jar and tried to blend them ,I added milk as I thought it might add more benefit to my hair and as much as you keep blending the fenugreek will keep demanding more milk. So you would need atleast 3 times as much milk to blend it. Still I was not able to achieve it in a complete paste ,it was a bit grainy.

Once blended I applied it to my hair and left it for half an hour after which I shampooed and washed …