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Matra lip care - Vanilla ice review

I know it's been really long since I posted anything here. But I went through a life changing event and I am a mom now of a beautiful daughter who is 1 year old now! Having a full time job and looking after my baby has kept me away from blogging since long, but I am here now to stay!

Well,recently I purchased a lot of makeup for my daughter's first birthday(for me ofcourse!). And i have a lot of other stuff I have been trying but I have not been able to share my reviews and feedback,so here I am.

Today I would be reviewing a lip balm by a brand named Matra. I received this in one of my fab bag's.They claim to be organic and free of chemicals. The ingredient list is comprised of the following:

Castor oil,beeswax,sheabutter,almond oil,carnauba wax,candelilla wax,argan oil,carrot seed oil,peach kernel oil,hempseed oil,lavender oil,jojoba oil to name a few.

Here are a few pictures of how it looked:

I used this at nightime before sleeping and it wasn't that great as the ju…