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Votre Face serum review

Hi dear ladies! Today I am going to review the votre face serum I received in my January Fab bag. I have been using the serum for almost a month now. I had just finished with the Just Herbs rejuvenating elixir and I was so impressed by it that I was delighted to receive a face serum in my bag.

I have received a facial sun screen mist from Votre earlier and it was just okay. This serum proved to be much better and has been doing a good job on my facial skin. The facial serum can be used both by men and women. Have a look at the serum and its consistency before I go on blabbering about it :)

As soon as you open the serum bottle a very nice fragrance hits you. Its just lovely. This serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. This serum consists of cold pressed oils and herbal blends.This serum claims to brighten the complexion and reduce fine lines. And I would say it does what it claims.
My face was tanned and tired after the recent long vacation to Miami and then the wedding but it seem…

Neutrogena hand cream review

Hey Ladies! Happy valentine's day to all of you :) Me and hubby haven't planned anything special for today and we have opted lazying around the day and I would be spending some time in parlor..he he
He is cooking chilli paneer for lunch and I am being provided the privilege to do whatever I want, so here I am blogging. :)

Today I am going to review the neutrogena hand cream which has been a saviour for me since last 1.5 years. Doing dishes and laundry left my hand very dry and it was in such a bad condition that my skin was cracked and peeling and started bleeding at the side of my fingers. It was quite painful.Or whether it was mumbai water which didn't suit me,not sure. I tried oriflame hand cream but it didn't work for me. Then I thought of trying neutrogena hand cream as it was one of the cheapest hand creams available online in India.Also during my recent visit to Miami I bought a new tube of neutrogena hand cream and also one hand lotion from EOS. 

This cream claims…

SeaSoul Body Massage Candle review

Hi ladies! I know it's been a while since I posted something on my page but the single most excuse is I was travelling,travelling and travelling. Me and hubby went to Miami and the day we arrived back to India we again had to travel for attending a wedding. I just returned 2 days back to home sweet home and am tired like hell. But I missed blogging so much I couldn't resist myself for posting this one.

During my trip to US I bought hoards of products which I will be reviewing soon. I am so excited to try all of them.Today I am going to review the SeaSoul body massage candle which I used yesterday for a full body massage and it was so refreshing I slept like a log for another two hours after the massage.

I received this candle in my January Fab bag and was really looking forward for trying it out. But January proved out to be the most hectic month and thus I got an opportunity to explore this product yesterday.

The massage candle is a very unique concept. For usage, you need to li…