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Just Herbs - Rejuvenating Beauty ELIXIR Facial Serum review

Hi dear ladies! Its been 3 weeks now since we landed in Hyderabad from Mumbai and still we haven't settled nicely. Unpacking still going on and we still can't seem to find some of our important stuff. The worst part was, it was so hectic we didn't get time for ourselves at all except for a swimming class one Saturday which was the best day since last 3 weeks. I had a very bad breakout on my face and the pimples didn't seem to go neither I had time to do anything about it. But since last one week they are almost gone!

So here I am today reviewing the magic potion which helped me get rid of the breakouts along with a subtle glow in just one week! Yes, the just herbs rejuvenating beauty ELIXIR facial serum is the miracle worker. I can't thank Fabbag team enough for sending this in the september fab bag.It turned out to be a real saviour in my time of need.

I was very sceptical of using anything on my face as since last 2-3 months as I am having constant breakout. I kind of now realise it's not the Votre Sunscreen I suspected but the facial and cleanup I had in these last 3 months from a new parlour which opened near our house in Mumbai, 

The just herbs serum claims to be made of Indian herbs and of providing natural glow and youthfulness to tired,ageing and pigmented skin. Well it really does lives upto its claim. Since last one week I am religiously using this serum at bedtime before sleep after cleansing my skin with Kama Ayurveda Rose Water which I received in my september fab bag only. The packaging is really nice with full list of ingredients as you could see in pictures below. Also, the glass bottle inside has a dropper so you can take a few drops on your palm and apply it on the affected area and on face.A few drops go a long way for this serum.

I was so frustrated with the breakout and it was getting worse so I decided to try this serum after reading few reviews and I wasn't disappointed. The results are almost immediate. I was able to see the difference next morning itself and within a week my face is almost clear.I would have posted a before and after picture as well but I don't have the pimple face pic.

My only complaint regarding this product is this small glass bottle might not last more than a month on constant usage and it costs Rs 985 for 12 ml and I have the full size product and you can see how small it is.

But then it is amazing and totally worth it!

Cost: The cost of this Just Herbs elixir facial serum is Rs 985 for 12 ml and I have got 12 ml bottle in my fab bag and you can buy it here.

Works wonders on your skin even if you have a sensitive skin like mine
Very light on application
Nice subtle smell
Cooling effect on application


Rating: 5/5

Would I buy it again: Yes definitely


P.S.: These are my own views regarding the product on its usage


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