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The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm review

Hey Ladies! Today we finally went for a short road trip after a long time and our first in Hyderabad. I really enjoyed it,love and hugs to dear husband... xoxo  The water and weather in Hyderabad has left me and hubby with dry lips. And thanks to fab bag again, I received a new lip balm in my December fab bag. The lip balm is from the brand Kronokare. The brand claims the lipstick to consist of Vitamin E,shea butter,bees wax and sun flower oil. It also claims that it restores tired tissues and keep your lips cool until the next kiss..ahem ahem...

Let's first have a good look at the lip balm:

Coming to the review, on application the lip balm definitely makes your lip cool. It has menthol effect on your lips and felt a bit weird on initial application as I was not expecting it. I did love the fact that this lip balm is silicone and paraben free. Another thing I liked about this balm was no white layer is formed on your lips after few hours on application. Also, it does not have any sm…

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water review

Hey ladies! Holiday season is here and I am enjoying my first holiday. Such a relief from daily job and relief. Today I am going to review the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water I got in my September fab bag. I have been using the kama ayurveda rose water for a little bit over a month now and I just completely adore it.

I mentioned in my previous posts that I have been using Just Herbs elixir serum along with Kama Ayurveda Rose Water which helped me get rid of the breakout and made my face clear again. So a review of the rose water was pending from my end since some time now :)

I use this rose water religiously at night before going to bed to clean my face. This acts as a toner and cleanser for me and after that I apply the Just Herbs Elixir serum. Sometimes when I am really tired I just use the rose water only and doze off..he he

The rose water provides a very cooling effect on your face and makes it feel fresh.It removes all the dirt from your face very nicely. The best thing about the rose…

Votre deep pore cleansing clay masque review

Hi Ladies! It must already be winter for some of you. But ever since I had to leave Delhi (my hometown) I haven't had the chance to enjoy winters.I really miss them,it's been almost 8 years :(
In Mumbai or Hyderabad where I am now you can hardly feel winters. Anyways, today I thought of reviewing a face masque,precisely a clay masque. It is from Votre. I have used the votre sun mist and quite liked it so I selected this clay masque as I had an option.
I received the Votre deep pore cleansing clay masque in my August 2015 Fab bag .I really like clay masques,so I was really delighted to get this. I have been using original multani mitti as a face masque but it was only easily available in Delhi(2 blocks for 10 rs only :)). I get big chunks of it whenever I visit home and stock it but it eventually runs out before my next visit. So I resorted to other clay masques, I have tried Ayur's multani mitti chandan pack and others similar to it. I have been using biotique masque sinc…

Just Herbs - Rejuvenating Beauty ELIXIR Facial Serum review

Hi dear ladies! Its been 3 weeks now since we landed in Hyderabad from Mumbai and still we haven't settled nicely. Unpacking still going on and we still can't seem to find some of our important stuff. The worst part was, it was so hectic we didn't get time for ourselves at all except for a swimming class one Saturday which was the best day since last 3 weeks. I had a very bad breakout on my face and the pimples didn't seem to go neither I had time to do anything about it. But since last one week they are almost gone!

So here I am today reviewing the magic potion which helped me get rid of the breakouts along with a subtle glow in just one week! Yes, the just herbs rejuvenating beauty ELIXIR facial serum is the miracle worker. I can't thank Fabbag team enough for sending this in the september fab bag.It turned out to be a real saviour in my time of need.
I was very sceptical of using anything on my face as since last 2-3 months as I am having constant breakout. I kind…

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick - Pink review

Hey dear ladies! I know it's been a while since I posted something but Mumbai to Hyderabad shift had kept me busy all along. We finally got a good place to stay and settled in now. Got the internet connection this Monday :) Loving the weather in Hyderabad,Mumbai was so hot!!! Here it is really pleasant currently and gets cold at night a bit.

Coming back to the review, I am going to provide my feedback regarding the moodmatcher lipstick in Pink shade I got in my august fab bag. For starters let me tell you,it is awesome! I loved the shade, the staying power and it suits my skin tone really nicely.

This lipstick is called moodmatcher because it claims to change color with your mood though I didn't notice anything like that. Also, it comes in bizarre shades such as green,black,blue,orange,yellow. But on application they turn to different shades of pink,some light,some dark.

The lipstick I got wasn't in any of those shades but pink itself. :)Look at the beautiful lipstick:

The sha…