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St Botanica rosemary essential oil review

Hey everyone!

I know it's been long since I posted anything but we were on a 10 days vacation and once we came back my daughter was sick with something or other and it went on like that till October and I would admit since then I was lazy to post. I have lots of products that i have reviewed meanwhile and I would be foraying posts here.

Today I would be reviewing rosemary essential oil by St Botanica. I have been having severe hairfall since the start of the year and I have tried gazillion things to control it. One of the major steps I took towards my hair care was going completely organic and massaging twice a week with virgin coconut oil infused with rosemary essential oil. I ordered St Botanica rosemary essential oil and every time I oil my hair with virgin coconut oil I use 4-5 drops of this oil.

Rosemary essential oil is said to have great effect on hair loss.My personal experience was it did nothing regarding my hair fall but then it has a very soothing and calming effect a…
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The Face Shop - Green Tea The Vert face mask review


Since I turned 30 recently I have become very cautious about skincare. Work pressure and child care really took a toll on me last year. I saw these Face Shop masks in a lot of you tube videos and always wanted to try them but never had the time, until recently. There was an offer going on myntra Buy 5 get 5 free on these masks and I couldn't resist ordering these for myself. In this post I am going to review the "Green Tea" facemask.

Here's a look of how the package looked like:

Before using the face sheet you need to wash you face.When you open it there's a sheet mask which you apply on your face and has cutouts for your eyes and lips. It has a lot of liquid in it and it would be good to use it all by pouring it on the sheet after applying it on your face.

I kept it for 20 minutes as advised on the package and then removed it. I did not wash my face after using it though it felt a bit sticky ,instead I massaged all the leftover. I was a bit worried it mig…

Miniso - Cleansing nose pore strips - review

Hey darlings!

I am back from the vacation and badly tanned. But before going to the vacation I went to parlor for waxing and the lady pointed out which has been bussing me already,my pesky blackheads on nose. I have tried a lot of things,like jeju volcanic nose trips and removing it by the tool during facial in parlor,scrubbing etc etc. But they didn't seem to budge and looked quite ugly given the huge nose I have.

So after we came back the next day morning we had to visit the mall(another long story I won't want to bore you with)!And I saw miniso and started scouring the shop,everything was so cheap there! I saw these nose strips in a pack of 10 which costed only 200 Rs which was quite a steal. I wasn't sure they be that effective but thought to give it a try. Few pictures down below of the pack.

The application instructions are written very clearly on the pack and on all the strips inside.But just a tip,before applying the strip wet your nose really well,and I mean it reall…

DIY- Fenugreek seeds- Hair and skin my experiments - Hairfall control?Yay or Nay>

Hi All,

As warned earlier a lot of posts will be coming up regarding hair care and my misadventures with household items and DIY's. So, here comes the first one.

I read a lot of good stuff about fenugreek doing wonders on hair so I thought to give it a shot.I took a bowl of fenugreek seeds and let it soak overnight. To my surprise in the morning it had expanded to about 4 times and I was in impression it will be hardly twice as much after soaking, so please take care of quantity while soaking. A handful(2-3 spoons) should be good for first time usage.

I took the seeds in a mixer jar and tried to blend them ,I added milk as I thought it might add more benefit to my hair and as much as you keep blending the fenugreek will keep demanding more milk. So you would need atleast 3 times as much milk to blend it. Still I was not able to achieve it in a complete paste ,it was a bit grainy.

Once blended I applied it to my hair and left it for half an hour after which I shampooed and washed …

Forest essentials - Bhringraj and Shikakai hair cleanser review

Hey lovelies!

Since after my daughter turned an year old I have been having crazy hairfall and I have literally tried everything to stop it. There are going to be a lot of posts related to hair care in future! The first step I took was to go organic and avoid sulphate,silicone and paraben laden shampoos and conditioner.

I first tried the Khadi satritha herbal hair cleanser which was the cheapest one and it was a disaster,so next time I went for an expensive shampoo hoping it would work. I bought the forest essentials hair cleanser ( bhringraj and shikakai) and to be honest though it was much better then khadi which made my already dry and frizzy hair super dry and super frizzy,it wasn't that great in controlling my hairfall or the frizz.

I bought a 50ml bottle which lasted a month for me and thus 8 washes which was enough for me to decide whether to invest in it or not. 

Here are a few pics:

The consistency of this shampoo is not too runny and it is greenish in color. If you oil your h…

Mamaearth argan hair mask review - CG friendly

Hey ladies!

Hyderabad climate is just not good for my hair,I don't know whether it's the water or what but my hair are super frizzy since we moved here and whilst in Mumbai they were so manageable and good.
I have tried numerous things but nothing seemed to keep them in control. These days I am trying to use only organic stuff and avoid chemical laden shampoos and conditioners. It's been only 3 months since I went totally organic for my hair at least! I earlier tried 
EDEN All natural deep conditionerbut it was a complete disappointment. This time I got my hands on Mamaearth Argain hair mask and I think I have finally found the magic potion to keep my hair in shape.
I was in search of something organic and cheaper hairmask which won't burn a hole in hubby's pocket (I recently quit my full time job few months ago and I am super conscious while shopping now, just can't get a hang of the feeling of being dependent on anyone).So I landed up buying Mamaearth argan hair …

Zivame vs Clovia - My experience & the clear winner

Hey lovelies!

It's been long and I have a long list of posts queued up. But I wanted to start of with this one. Recently I purchased some innerwears from Zivame and Clovia and I really wanted to share the difference between the two and who was a clear winner for me :)
 So breastfeeding for 2 years have made my breasts sag a bit too much and multiple friends pointed out that it's time to invest in a good push up bra,so I went to the mall and I had hardly 2-3 options and the one I liked costed a fortune. So I came home and thought to try online.To my surprise these two sites have so many options to choose from. I first ordered two push up bra's from zivame as on clovia it was out of stock(I wanted multiway/strapless push up's for my upcoming Singapore holiday).

I ordered two strapless bra's from zivame. The ordering process was swift and within 3-4 days I received my order. They had an offer on buy 1 get 1 on these bra's so in 1200 i got 2 strapless pushup's…